Someone turned out the lights

Okay, we’re at that time of year in Northern Europe when it seems somebody forgot to pay the utility bill. It is very grey and dark this time of year and with rain in Paris, you really yearn to be somewhere in the South Pacific. I think I’m beginning to grow mold.

All is going well on the opera front. I’ve diverted my mind away from music a bit the last couple of days by watching tons of football. The Illinois High School Championships have been this weekend---Pennsylvania’s will be in a few weeks. It is so great to watch these young men play their hearts out---and you don’t get many commercials over the internet. I’ve seen some amazing talent on the gridiron this weekend and have enjoyed these games even more than college and pro games.

I missed the Thanksgiving celebration back home this week but did enjoy being with friends here in Paris. Somehow, however, a club sandwich in a restaurant isn’t the same thing as turkey and all the fixins’ back in the States.