Talking with Singers

It’s a VERY cold morning here in Toronto--Snow fell over night. Winter is finally taking a firm grip on much of North America. It’s a perfect time for Wagner Opera.

Rehearsals on “Siegfried” are going well. I am greatly looking forward to opening night, Saturday, here in Toronto at the Canadian Opera Company (COC). I think, in the past, I’ve found that Der Wanderer was the role that concerned me the most of the three Wotans. Now, through experience, I’m finding that vocally it fits me better at each outing. Obviously, you can’t really separate these three guys as they make up the complete Wotan (We just need someone to write an opera that shows what Wotan was like as a child/youth---now wouldn’t that be something).

Here’s a link to a video interview that was just put together here in Toronto by Jenna Douglas at “”. I had a blast with her and am pleased with how it turned out. She did a great job editing the interview and caught a lot of the highlights. Sometimes, I get talking so fast and have so much to say that you wonder what actually makes it to the final product. This one turned out well.

Stay warm. Go Shockers!!!