Happy "World Opera Day"

Happy “World Opera Day”!!!

This is for me, indeed, a day to celebrate. Opera has been such a huge part of my life for so long. I am now in my 34th year as a professional opera singer. Tonight, in Montreal, I will sing another performance of my most offered opera, Beethoven’s “Fidelio”. And what a celebratory opera it is. This opera, known as a “rescue opera”, takes us out of our daily lives, into hardships, and then rescues us with some of the greatest expression of joy in all of the operatic canon. I never get tired of this piece and am thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary cast.

Today, also brought the release of a new CD. “Der Freisch
ütz” occupied so much of my schedule in 2018. Late in the year, a great cast assembled in Frankfurt to record the opera on the Pentatone label. What a great time that was (I blogged about this last November 25). It takes awhile for these recordings to be released...but, today is the day. Enjoy!!!

Finally, and I should have posted about this last month, I celebrated my 1,000th opera performance on September 27th on the stage of the Vienna State Opera as Jochanaan in “Salome”. I never would have dreamed I’d perform in this many performances...and, this doesn’t include all of the concerts and recitals in which I’ve been a part. I’ve been extremely blessed with a long career on stage. Opera singing is just one of my jobs...but, it is a job that is a treasure. Here’s to more great days of singing ahead!

Go out and enjoy an opera. It’s our day!!!