Beauthy Abounds

Even though it’s cloudy, it’s a gorgeous Fall day in Bucks County. This picture was taken earlier this week when the sun was in abundance. With the wet and cool months we’ve had as of late, it’s been wonderful to have such a nice week. Obviously, we’re in that time of year where change is most noticeable--and wow, are things about to really change for me.

After several months off, next week finally brings the beginning of the rehearsal period for “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” at The Met. I am so looking forward to this production (at least as of now). One never knows, going in, what the director’s concept is of the piece. I hope I don’t have too dreadful of a surprise when we have our first meeting on Monday in New York.

There are over 18,942,336 versions of this opera and I think I’ve sung every note written for the villains in all those manifestations. I’ve sung the music in different keys, in unbelievably variable productions, and in situations that are nearly impossible to describe. I love this piece.

It will be a hectic first week of November as I’ll commute between NYC and Washington, D.C. where I will take part in two concert performances of “Gotterdammerung”. I love singing Gunther but the task is going to be a bit tough with all of the rehearsing going on in NYC as well. It’ll be time to put my body through gentle pacing.

The Phillies have made it to the World Series again. We’re waiting to see if the Yankees or the Angels are going to join Philadelphia in the Fall Classic. I’m a Cardinal fan but since we live so close to Philadelphia, I guess I need to have an interest in the local team---actually, I’ll probably be pulling for the Yankees.

When a busy business time period approaches, it’s essential that I get on top of things on the home front as much as possible beforehand (that’ll never fully be realized). However, I’ve got a lot of catching up caught up upon and I’m feeling good heading into “Hoffmann”. Bring it on!!!