Only in Vienna

Greetings from Wien. I arrived here this past Sunday morning for yet another round of “Salome” performances. This is a wonderful, traditional production that I last did back in the Fall of 2001. Although the many modern productions I’ve done as of late all have merits, it is nice to return to a production such as this to ground yourself once again in the opera and the basic plot. It also allows for singing to be a bit easier to accomplish. I’m scheduled for two performances here before heading to Amsterdam later in the month for a return to a wonderful production of “Fidelio” that we premiered in 2003. I’m looking forward to that and to returning to Pizarro who I haven’t brought out in about two years.

I so enjoy being in Vienna. It is truly a beautiful city--the arts abound. I did see this sign outside the public toilet in the U-Bahn station last night. Music is blaring out of the doors as well. It brings a sense of frivolity to this toilet underneath the square outside of the theater. As I wrote above, “only in Vienna”.

I’ve had some time off these past several weeks (since returning from Japan). I was able to spend a lot of time with the family and friends, do some singing at church, and just help get things organized for the Fall and beyond. When you travel as much as I do, you attempt to stay a step or two ahead most of the time. Sometimes I fail at this. But I’ll keep trying.

It has been moving to watch the miners in Chile rescued today. What a beautiful country (sang there in 1993) and what great people. The emotions they are all feeling must be overwhelming.

Opera season is underway around the globe. I’m happy to be a part of it and I hope it is a successful one wherever you may be.