Let it Snow---in HD

I came to the city tonight in order to be ahead of the storm. With the HD Broadcast to movie theaters around the world tomorrow afternoon, I didn’t want to have to worry about driving in during a blizzard. It will be more interesting getting home after the show. Who knows where I’ll possibly decide enough is enough and pitch a tent for the evening.

It’s disappointing that the weather will keep the crowd down in some venues. It’s hard to believe that D.C. may get 1-2 FEET of snow. That’s probably a lot more than much of that city can handle as it is really a “southern” city. NYC won’t get nearly as much but we will perhaps get between 8-12” in Bucks County. Personally, I don’t think we’ll get that much but that’s what the weathermen are saying.

No matter how much snow we get, we’ll sing the same anyway. It’ll be nice and cozy in our little theater called the Met and hopefully the 4,000 in attendance will be thrilled with what they see--as well as the millions watching around the world. Oh, and there is that little thing called a radio broadcast which will draw in many more. It’s going to be a fun day.