Lazy Days

Well, actually, they haven’t been that lazy. I have had 3 of the last 4 days off from “Salome” rehearsals but that hasn’t kept me from being active working on a future role. I’ve spent a lot of time preparing “Tosca” (Scarpia). However, the days off have allowed me to have some beautiful walks here in Baden-Baden. I sat on a bench in a park working on the Puccini today. I hope I didn’t scare any of the residents of this quiet town when a few phrases might have come out a bit too loud. They may have wondered what kind of mad man had come into their midst (well, Scarpia is pretty evil, to say the least).

Rehearsals are going well. In just 3 days, I was fully staged and will now be running my part over and over. This is always sort of typical for the role of John the Baptist. He has a great deal of singing to do while under the stage and then an extended scene onstage before heading back to the cistern for more prophesying. For various reasons, the scene onstage is always staged rather quickly--thankfully, it stages itself for the most part. I have been working with the understudy soprano as the soprano who will be singing the role in the performances only arrived today. I’ll begin work with her tomorrow (We’ve worked together several times in the past.).

Until then, more and more time can be spent learning my new role that hits the stage this fall in Washington--and more time can be spent enjoying the beautiful scenery of Baden. This scene just jumped out at me when I was on a walk over the weekend---such a nice vista. I just had to click away once again with my iphone. In a place like this, you never want your camera far from your side. Enjoy!