First rehearsal at the Garnier

Today was our first rehearsal in the spectacular old opera house here in Paris, The Garnier. In my previous operatic performances (“Hoffmann”, “Don Giovanni”, and “Cardillac”) here in Paris, I’ve performed at the Bastille, the newer gigantic opera house which opened in 1989. What an incredible experience to now be in this extraordinary and historic theater---I nearly had goose bumps walking onto the stage. I will try and post some pictures in future posts from the inside of the auditorium. I’m not sure I can do it justice. It is simply gorgeous and the Chagall mural on the ceiling is spectacular. I look at the incredible chandelier and of course think of “Phantom of the Opera” and wonder if he’s lurking somewhere in the house.

The dressing rooms are those of a very old theater but I love the charm. There are not many opera houses with this much character and history still giving performances. What a treat to get a chance to perform here.

Rehearsals have gone extremely well and we are in very good shape. What a nice cast to work with and the atmosphere in this rehearsal period with the director, conductor, orchestra, chorus, and all others involved has been very rewarding. Sometimes, it just all comes together and I only hope we can maintain this spirit through the entire run of the show.

The opera world is going through one of its biggest periods of crisis. Financial concerns are great in many companies and it has certainly affected some of my future plans. However, I know I’ve been given a voice to sing and for now, that’s just what I’m going to do.