"Elektra" rehearsals in full gear

As I very briefly mentioned in my last post, it’s great to be back in Chicago and working on one of my favorite operas, “Elektra”. No, this is not the most difficult operatic role that I sing. It’s good for a singer to have a few roles like Orest in the pocket to help balance out the nights of singing Wotan and The Dutchman. But what a rewarding and beautiful role to sing. I’ve sung this role many times in both staged and concert formats. I’ve sung it in so many different locales. But one thing is always consistent---the opera packs a punch and never fails to thrill an audience.

This will surely be the case at Lyric Opera of Chicago. The rehearsals are going very well and the production looks fantastic. Top this all off with a POWERFUL cast and you can see that this is going to be a major hit. I have worked with some of these singers for a very long time and I’m happy to call them friends as well as colleagues. I’m so happy that all is going well for everyone. Opening night is still 2.5 weeks away---but what an exciting evening I can see it already shaping up to be.

Working with treasured colleagues and friends is always something that makes certain engagements more fun than others. On a rare “double day off” for us, we were able to spend time together out of the theater and had a great time touring the city and taking the well-known Chicago architectural cruise. The buildings here provide a spectacular background for sight seeing. I also had the chance, over the weekend, to spend time with a treasured friend that I haven’t seen for a few years, a Roman Catholic Priest who is one of the finest homilists you’ll ever hear.

Of course, it hasn’t been all play during this first week or so in Chicago. Lots of work has already been accomplished and I’m looking at other repertoire that is for future months as well. The season, however, is getting off to a great start.