Following the Bird (Cardinals) out to sea

I can’t believe that we’ve reached the end of our run of “Peter Grimes”. Tomorrow, October 26, will be our closing performance. What a great cruise it has been with all the folks from this little village that Benjamin Britten so artfully crafted. What a haunting and powerful story! And what a great run of performances we’ve had here at the COC in Toronto. The entire cast, orchestra, CHORUS, and production team have been magnificent--and, it’s been incredible to hear the audience’s response. You know you’re reaching them when they respond like this!!! Congratulations to all!!!

And, as we follow the gulls and albatrosses that haunt our maritime journey, I’m thrilled to be following other birds as well--THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS!!!! Once again, I find my favored team in the World Series as they go up against the Boston Red Sox. How well I remember when the Cardinals defeated them in 1967 for the Championship (we won’t talk about 2004). This is a great time of year with baseball winding up, football in full swing, and basketball lacing up the sneakers. My passion for opera and sports are being nurtured once again. Go REDBIRDS!!!