I’ve arrived in Toronto and have already had a bit of rehearsal. I can’t say it was “fun” to have to leave home the day after Christmas but Herr Tristan and Frau Isolde were awaiting my services in Canada. So, North I headed--into the snow and cold. I’m not a chilly weather person but will get through it all just fine. I anxiously await the performances that begin at the end of next month.

It was a very nice but WAY too short break that awaited my arrival home from Seville, Spain on December 16. The next day I headed into New York to sing a concert of “L’enfance du Christ” at Carnegie Hall. What a thrill to sing on that great stage where so many have performed in the past. The concert was simply beautiful and quite moving. It was a treat to take part in it.

The celebration of Christmas was also greatly treasured in our home with much time together as a family. I also sang at Mass at our Church on Christmas Eve. It’s always meaningful, for me, to cantor for the liturgy. This year, I also sang “O, Holy Night” (accompanied myself on the piano). Somehow, Christmas just doesn’t seem like Christmas to me if I’m not singing at least a bit.

We also had a great reason to celebrate since our oldest son became engaged on Christmas Eve. No wedding date has been set as of now but we anxiously look forward to all of the plans coming together.

So, a lot was included in my short “break” from the opera stage. Of course, this is par for the course for our family. With all my traveling, I have to fit in what I can, relax when I can, and just hope that I’m top of it all. I’ve been able, since getting to Toronto, to catch up on quite a few business items and prepare my mind for the onslaught of year end accounting--oh, joy!!! But, as we get close to the end of the year, it’ll be fun to look back on the favorite (and not so favorite) moments of 2012. More soon on that front….