Performance #2

Many singers aren’t thrilled about second performances in a run of a show. I, on the other hand, LOVE them. I don’t like sitting around and waiting on days off. We’ve had a few too many since we opened last Thursday (April 26). The performances are quite spread out here in Toronto, at least early in the run. I’ve been ready to go for a few days and am glad that the 2nd performance is finally here. The second performance, for some, is a let down concerning energy and atmosphere. I welcome that let down---there are fewer nerves to deal with, we’ve already had a run in front of an audience, and surprises are fewer. Now, with being freed of the constraints that come with trying to “stick to the plan”, I find that post-opening night performances are more natural. This is a good thing, to be sure.This is a rather long run (8 performances). At one time, this many performances was more common. It has become a rarity in the last several years. With a double-bill like this, there is good and bad to having such a long run. We’ll have even more time to let the characters breathe and for the show to become even more comfortable. On the other hand, these shows (especially the Zemlinsky opera) are difficult and tiring. I’m just hoping to hold up well when we get to those later performances. Technic--don’t fail me now!!!Spring seems to have finally taken hold in Toronto--but wow, is there pollen in the air!!! For those who suffer from allergies, this is always a difficult time of year. For singers who suffer from allergies, it’s a PAIN. Here’s to hoping there isn’t a lot of sneezing in the house tonight--from the audience, from the pit, or from the stage.