The rehearsals have finally ended for the new production of “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” at the Met and I’m ready to get rolling--I know my fellow cast members feel the same. It’s a BIG production with lots going on at all times--a feast for the eyes. Let’s hope we can pull together all the loose ends and put on a great show. The run is nearly sold out (if it isn’t already)--we’re very excited. I sang in the wonderful old Met production of this opera--the new production is so different that there is no comparison between the two. It’s great to see the different takes on this incredible piece.

This is my 10th production of the opera. I didn’t even realize I had been in so many different stagings of “Hoffmann” until just the other day. I truly love the score (in all of its manifestations). I’ve done two productions of the piece at the Met and in Hamburg, as well as one production each in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Spoleto, Washington, and Winnipeg. And there have been repeat appearances in some of these productions which is always nice--the rehearsal time period is shorter and one is more familiar with what to expect when you walk on stage.

The cast has been truly great to work with as has all the music and production staff. I’ve always said that I will sing as long as I feel I’m continuing to learn something. I’ve learned a great deal during these last 5 weeks and so I guess there is more singing ahead for me. I’m thankful for that.

We so enjoyed having our oldest son home for Thanksgiving this past week. He’s now back at college preparing for the dreaded final exams for this semester--his first crack at this ritual. We’ll get him home again soon and we’re greatly looking forward to that.