"Hoffmann" continues

It is nice to get into the run of performances (a few performances after opening night). Last night’s performance of “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” at the Met was a wonderful performance to be a part of. Things are really starting to gel and the production is more cohesive each night. We are all having better nights musically as well. I find this is often the case when premiering a new production, especially one as tricky as this one. As I’ve said before, “Hoffmann” is always a difficult piece--it’s basically 4 operas in one. Last night, you could feel that the characterizations, singing, and atmosphere have all jumped up a level. This is truly exciting.

I have greatly enjoyed getting to meet so many people backstage after these performances. Some folks are long time friends. Others are newer friends that I’ve only known a short time or met online via Facebook or other sources. It’s just great to be able to have the short minutes backstage that we share. Being in the opera world has broadened my horizons in so many ways, taken me to places I never would have dreamed, and put me into friendships that obviously were meant to be--just never imagined.
I’m thankful for this.

As I write this, my youngest son is playing “Joy to the World” on the piano. How nice to see the house in full Advent and Christmas mode. Our oldest son is currently on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as he comes home for the holidays with friends from college. We are so glad he’ll be with us for the next 3 weeks.

Tonight brings a great evening. We have the chance to hear an always fun Christmas concert at a local church. Friends will be performing and I know we will truly enjoy the evening. What’s best for me is that I don’t have to sing this evening but can still have my heart filled with song. Yahoo!!!