And, again it's Fidelio--San Francisco Style

Another day, another “Fidelio”. Tonight, we begin with the first of three performances of Beethoven’s masterpiece here in San Francisco with he San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. I’ve always liked concert performances of operas. Although there is a bit of staging, it is nice to be able to concentrate more on the music--and what glorious music it is.

I will have to concentrate more than ever tonight as I had an allergy attack in the past 24-36 hours. I’ve long been one who has had to be very careful about certain things in the air and on surfaces. This goes back many years. I usually feel 100% when these things come on except for the fact that the allergens go after my voice. 2-3 notes in the middle of my range just aren’t cooperating at this time. Hopefully, by tonight, things will get better. This has happened to me 3-4 times in San Francisco. I have taken shots for years that have helped tamed these reactions but the “concoction” that I’m injected with must not include whatever is in the air here to help me beat these things. So, on the day of a performance, I was off to the doctor to hopefully get some help. I also moved hotel rooms just in case the problem was in my room. There is never a dull moment on opening nights and days. Tonight, I’m just hoping for the best.