Far from home

Although the date may say July 31, 2010, it’s actually August 1 as I am across the International Dateline in Matsumoto, Japan. It was a very long trip west yesterday but I am settled in and doing my best to get over the jet lag. With all the heat we’ve had on the east coast this summer, I thought I’d post this picture of a bit cooler locale. This picture was taken over Alaska yesterday from about 35,000 feet. The views of this spectacular part of the world are stunning from such an altitude. I have long had a yearning to visit our 50th State and hope to do so someday but from on land and not from such a distance.

I am in Japan for “Salome”. This is the same production we did in the fall of 2006 in Chicago and I’m looking forward to getting back on stage with my colleagues (some of whom were also in Chicago). I have many outings as Jockanaan (John the Baptist) in this coming season including visits to the role in Vienna and Baden-Baden on top of these performances here in Japan.

I had some time off this past month with the exception of the Varese Concert in NYC nearly two weeks ago. It was greatly appreciated to have so much time with family and friends. This past week found us cramming in loads of social time which always seems to be the case before I travel. I also enjoyed taking my two older boys out for an evening with Dad and then the younger two to a movie with Mom the next day. Great times!

My middle son is performing, as I write this, a new musical version of “Cinderella” back in Pennsylvania. They had an earlier performance today as well which I understand came off wonderfully. It seems the music and theater bug has bitten him hard. I’m very happy for him and will enjoy, someday, being a real stage Dad.

Back to the jet lag adjustment.......more soon!