Love is in the air

What a week!!!--so much celebrating. It’s a good thing that I don’t have to wear any of my costumes for a few more weeks. Last Sunday, we celebrated the 23rd birthday of my oldest son. The middle of the week brought the great feast and celebration of Christmas. Last night brought an enormously joyful event to our family. That same oldest son was married here in Bucks County. It’s been nearly 168 hours of heart lifting and happy revelry.

I can’t say that a few tears haven’t been shed as well. I can remember holding my little boy when he was just an infant in the hospital back in December, 1990. I have been struck, at times, over the years, with his beautiful maturation into a young adult. And now, as I watched him beam at the foot of the altar as he awaited his bride to come down the aisle, I saw a true, strong, and wonderful man.

There is no question, in this family, that much of our lives revolve around celebrations in Church. Yesterday was no different as this incredible sacrament was celebrated. During the week, there were Masses to be sung--I sang last Sunday and then again on Christmas Eve and also at the wedding (each time, a cantor during the Mass). Music is a big part of our glee. And, at the wedding reception, the music of another era took over, filled my heart with its beat, and made me smile as I watched a younger generation “do their thing”. How great to have so many different tunes, chants, carols, ballads, and even rap, all share time in my ear in this week. I rejoice for each note and am so thankful for the liturgies and receptions that enriched and quickened us.

I pray that your hearts are also being touched during this glorious Christmas season. May He, who is light and peace, permeate your heart and fill with you with joy. He sure did do that to us.