Slow day in Paris

Actually, this should be entitled as “slow week in Paris”. I arrived here last Wednesday and have only had 7 hours of rehearsal in the first week. I’m used to far more intense rehearsal periods than this. Sometimes, it can get a little boring.

I was reflecting earlier today about how much easier it is to pass the time these days than it was earlier in my career. The advent of the laptop computer has made a tremendous difference. In addition, the Slingbox may be the most cherished possession for those of us who do so much traveling as it allows us to be in tune with our home television systems so much easier. Yes, I still do a lot of reading as in the old days as well as studying roles. But now, one has far more options when it comes to watching English speaking television than just CNN International.

The picture is of the column in the Place de la Bastille which is just outside the opera house. I wish the weather would have been as nice today as what you see in the picture. It was rainy and gloomy today. It was nice, however, to have the air cleaned a bit.

Finally, I’m called back to rehearse tomorrow. I’ve been off since Saturday afternoon.