Final week of "Hoffmann"

Finally, we’ve come to the last week of “Hoffmann”. It has been over two months since we began rehearsals on the show and now we’re down to the remaining performances of this coming Wednesday and Saturday. It has been an incredible run in so many ways and I’ve greatly enjoyed my time once again with Mr. Offenbach. The entire cast and crew have been awesome colleagues once again at The Met and I will miss them when this show ends.

The past two shows have brought some unexpected cast changes due to illness. This is the time of year when we all have to be so careful with our health. With artists working so close together onstage and behind the scenes, it is little wonder that sometimes colds and flus run rampant in the opera house. Last Wednesday saw three covers having to go on. We were down to one replacement this past Saturday. Sometimes, a singer has to sing while ill and that has been the case as well. Let’s hope everyone gets healthy and that we have a strong final two performances of this long run.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration at Heldhaus. Family visited and we were able to visit friends on Christmas Eve as well. Church services were also enjoyed in so many ways. Yesterday was the Feast of the Holy Family and how wonderful to hear the readings which emphasize the structure and importance of the family. We are greatly blessed in our household. May the blessings of this season continue to reign in all of our hearts.