Quick Note

Just a quick note as it’s been a very hectic 72 hours. The final performance of the run of “Wozzeck” on Saturday was just an incredible event for us all. How exciting to have a good show for the international broadcast. I was thrilled to have friends in the audience as well who had not been to the Met for one of my performances. It was one of the more fulfilling run of shows I’ve been a part of for a very long time. The notes I have received from people around the world who heard the broadcast have been overwhelming. I am missing the cast and production very much.

I raced back to Bucks County (through downpours) following the performance in order to be with my 7 year old daughter at her “Daddy-Daughter-Dance”. It was such an emotional evening for me, after a performance, to be brought back down to earth with smiles and joy radiating from my little girl. Nearly 250 were in attendance and, thankfully, I didn’t make a fool out of myself dancing to the latest hits. No, the songs aren’t as great as those that I danced to back in the 70s. However, I didn’t mind as I just got to spend a wonderful evening with a beautiful young lady.

I enjoyed beginning my Holy Week observance at the 6:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday before hopping in the car with my family to drive to Pittsburgh. We enjoyed having some time together (even if just in the car) and visited colleges over the last two days in Ohio and Maryland. It seems like just yesterday when I was visiting colleges for my oldest son and now we’re well into the search for son #2. Thankfully, I don’t think we’ll have to do too much more looking as we may have found exactly what my son is looking for.

It has been raining so much on the east coast---at least the May flowers will be gorgeous. Everything seems sort of strange this year with Holy Week being later than I can ever remember it being. When was the last time Easter was so late in April? I am truly looking forward to the end of this week when we celebrate the Triduum. These three nights are perhaps the most solemn and beautiful of the liturgical year. One can’t help but be greatly moved by these ancient services. I’m glad I’m taking part in the liturgy on Saturday night. One of my sons will be confirmed during this service as well. I’m getting excited already. May these days of preparation find all of our hearts longing for fulfillment in the Risen Christ.