Perforamances continue

Last night was performance #3 of “Fidelio” here in Paris. Tomorrow will bring the fourth performance. That’s not an ideal situation for opera singers. Usually, for an opera like “Fidelio”, we like to have two free days between performances. If it’s a long Wagner opera, we prefer three days off. Voices and muscles used in performance need a bit of time to “recover” after intense performances. Also, as we are using our voices and bodies to sing over large orchestras in big auditoriums without amplification, it is necessary to have some time to rest. Still, all should be fine for these close together performances. There is only one other time period during this run when we have shows this close together.

There are nine performances during this run which also is quite a few for the opera stage. Even though I’m enjoying the show and my colleagues very much, I’m looking forward to heading home for Christmas at the end of the month.

My wife and children have put up our Christmas tree and I’m sure are slowly getting it decorated. The activities that fill the calendar during December have started and things are hectic on the home front. I’m really not sure if we’d want it any other way.