Down to Decatur

After tonight’s 5th performance of “Elektra” in Chicago, I’m headed south to Decatur, Illinois and to my alma mater, Millikin University, where I’ll teach for a few days. I’ve been back to campus often, over the past several years, to work with the students. I truly enjoy these times with the young singers and the faculty. This school is a real gem and means so much to me and my wife (who is also an alum). I hope all of the students just relax and allow the fun to happen. These can be great learning experiences--for the students and for me. And, over the years, I’ve been happy to strongly encourage some of the singers into truly going after singing careers. It is so rewarding to see careers flourish.

I enjoy driving and so look forward to the hours on the road tonight. There sure will be plenty to listen to on the radio as there will be a replay of the 3rd Presidential Debate as well as the 7th game of the St. Louis Cardinal-San Francisco Giant playoff series. Go Cardinals!!! AND, the BEARS are playing here in Chicago tonight as well. My radio dial won’t know where to land first.