Munich "Salome"

Tonight is the opening night of “Salome” here in Munich. It is only a three performance run but we were given more rehearsal than sometimes is the case when remounting an existing production. I, of course, have sung this opera many times (including this production back in the summer of 2008) but always enjoy coming back to this incredible piece. There are quite a few in tonight’s cast who have not sung in this production--thus, the extra rehearsal time. I think our Herod is singing his role for the first time, too! How scary. Everything seems to be coming together just fine and I look forward to once again singing the wonderful words of John the Baptist.

We’ve had quite a bit of snow in Munich this past week--it looks gorgeous. I arrived here on Monday, January 25. We’d had a few warmer days at home so coming to Bavaria was a real return to winter. However, during the last few days, it has been colder at home than here. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to getting to Los Angeles at the end of February where I won’t have to think too much about snow for awhile. I’m not much of a winter person.

Jet lag was a real problem for me this past week and I’m not sure why. My last several trips overseas have brought little of that. It’s not something that I like to go through but now, since all the morning rehearsals are past, I should be able to just sleep in. Of course, I’ll be home in just 8 days or so--I’ll be able to enjoy the lag going the other way (which I prefer).