Teaching and Learning

I have often said, “When I stop learning things about singing, that’s when I’ll stop singing”. These past two days have brought this thought firmly into my mind once again. I truly enjoyed teaching the students at Millikin University this week. We tried many different approaches and styles to get desired results. We listened intently to colleagues. We challenged ourselves, felt frustration, rejoiced at triumphs, and agreed to keep striving for all that which is better. And so much learning was accomplished as well. I’m grateful to all the singers who took a chance and sang. Let’s do it again soon!!!

It was great to spend time with old friends, hear the incomparable University Choir sing, visit old sights, and just enjoy being back in the Heartland. I was able to spend time with two of my most important mentors, Jack and Linda Schepper, who were my music teachers oh so many years as a youngster in Washburn, IL. They gave me a foundation and challenges that have continued to lead and inspire me. I was honored that they came to my public master classes. I can only hope to be as fine a teacher as they both are.

I was also able to buzz to just northeast of Peoria to visit my mother and sister on the way back to Chicago. I only wish the hours in Central Illinois would have been longer.

But now, I’m back in Chicago and headed out the door in just a few minutes to teach some of the young artists of the Ryan Opera Center at Lyric Opera of Chicago. Let the education continue, once again! And tomorrow, we see how the education continues to be expressed with performance #6 of “Elektra”.