One Show at a time

The performances of “Rusalka” here in Munich are now behind us and I have to concentrate on only one opera instead of two. “Tristan und Isolde” rehearsals began yesterday and I feel like we’re rushing through this show like a whirlwind. It’s always a difficult opera to put on but doing so in such quick fashion is really intimidating. They haven’t done this production in Munich in 3 years and only one of the main characters, King Marke (Rene Pape), has been a part of it. The first orchestra rehearsal is already upon us (tomorrow morning) and we haven’t even finished staging the work yet. We don’t open until next Wednesday and so I’m sure we’ll be fine. It’s just all happening so fast.

The picture above is from “Rusalka” and shows the wonderful Kristine Opolais during a scene from Act 2. This was a very interesting, troubling, haunting and successful production with an incredible response from the audience after each performance. I have probably never portrayed such a despicable character in my career. All productions have aspects which one can strongly agree with and those parts that are difficult to pull off. I think I was successful at it but let’s just say the evil that was such a part of this characterization will be hard to shake off too quickly. The worst part of it?---the characterization was based on a true story (even if the opera most certainly isn’t). The cast was simply unbelievable in this run (as it is for “Tristan und Isolde”). I was honored to take part in this short run and look forward to the upcoming Wagner evenings as well.

I’m feeling a bit tired as this has been an incredibly long season for me with challenges on stage and so much time on the road. I greatly look forward to the nearly 2 weeks off that are soon to arrive. I’m winding up my preparation for “Tosca” as well as the rehearsals begin in less than four weeks. I am so excited about finally singing the role of Scarpia, something that has been a dream of mine for a long time. I just hope it turns out to be a sweet dream and not a nightmare.

It is so strange to have such bad weather here in Munich at this time of year. It is chilly, grey, and very wet while the eastern half of the U.S. is boiling. I’m a hot weather person and am not fond of being chilled in July in Germany. I’d far prefer to have to take a dip, as is Miss Opolais, in the closest fish tank. Let’s hope some of the warm weather is still hanging around once I get home.