A great opening

I usually don’t like opening nights very much---too many frayed nerves and way too much anxiety. Last night’s first performance of our new production of “Fidelio” here in Paris was truly outstanding. Everything just “clicked”. The audience fell into that wonderful Parisian rhythmic clapping during the curtain calls which put a stamp onto the night that pleased us all.

I am very happy with the characterization that we’ve come up for this portrayal of Pizarro. Yes, I’ve done the role many times but each time we try to add a few new things. This time, we’ve added a lot of new items and he seems far more demented than usual. It’s always fun to play the bad guy but never more so than in this run.

The cast that was put together for this production is full of fine singers who are also excellent actors. To me, that’s the melding of talents that any opera company should want. On top of this, the cast gets along very well and we’ve had a lot of fun. This has been fostered by the excellent production staff. When all this comes together so well, you can’t help but have a success.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving back in the States. This is one of my favorite holidays and I will truly miss not being with the family. A few of my friends here in France may join me in the non-traditional Thanksgiving crepe. It won’t be the same thing as a turkey dinner with all the trimmings---but one doesn’t need to have that in order to be most thankful for all of the incredible blessings that are poured upon our lives---I am truly greatly blessed most of all with Salvation but also with a strong faith, a wonderful family, and great friends. May your Thanksgiving be absolutely that. A time of Praise, Joy, and giving Thanks!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!