Bring on the shows

The rehearsals for “Siegfried” are now behind us and we await opening night (Wednesday). I’m very much looking forward to the full audiences and performing this interesting production. Having a few days off is greatly appreciated. We had nearly 30 hours of orchestra rehearsal this past week which is difficult when singing this kind of repertoire. However, we all survived.

One thing I’m doing during these days is adding all of the journal entries from my previous web pages to this more “modern” website. This brings journal entries from all the way back into 2008 onto this page. The only problem is that I’m not attaching all of the pictures and links that were part of some of those pages. It takes up a bit too much room and too much time (hey, I only get a few days off). It is fun, however (for me, anyway), to look back at some of these old posts. In some ways, they are like a travelog. On the other hand, there is a bit of a “personal diary” feel. Mostly, it’s just a showing of rambling memories. When your mind is crammed full of Wagner, it’s good to have a place to store up a few thoughts in case the mind just suddenly bursts from overuse.

I hope your Advent Season is off to a beautiful and reflective start.