What a week

Well, it’s been quite a week. We wound up an extraordinary run of “Elektra” in Chicago this past Tuesday night and then a long trek towards the east coast began. Our incredible Diva, Christine Goerke, travelled with me which was a great joy (and loads of fun). We made it as far as Toledo before continuing our trek into Hurricane Sandy. The actual storm had died down a great extent but we did travel through wind, rain, and snow.

Upon getting home, we were about 48 hours into a power outage that lasted another two days. I am so grateful that things have returned to normal in our household but feel so bad for those who are still struggling. In fact, Christine, who lives in New Jersey, is still without power in her household. I do hope that all those who are without electricity will get it back very quickly. And my prayers are with all those who have lost so much in this horrible storm. Reach out and help others as you can. Recovery is going to take awhile. We are also grateful for those who reached out to us and to our friends who allowed us to shower and get cleaned up a bit when we were getting to the point of not even being able to stand being around ourselves.

This week, I’ll just be “Dad”. After having so much time on the road the past few months, it’s nice to devote my time to the home front. I’ll be headed to Seville, Spain in about a week and am looking forward to being back in that beautiful city. “Siegfried” awaits once again in a spectacular production that I’m sure I’ll enjoy writing about in the weeks ahead.

Stay warm and stay dry!