Götterdämmerung rehearsals

I haven’t blogged for a few weeks but all is well in Los Angeles. The rehearsals continue for “Gotterdammerung” which opens on April 3. We are all more than ready to get this production running.

Rehearsals have been tedious at times to say the least. As is my normal custom, I won’t post any photos of this show until after opening night but let’s just say that it isn’t “normal”. I have felt somewhat confined in my acting due to the concept and costuming. We’ll do all we can. At least we have a cast and conductor who are friends and the camaraderie is excellent. Sometimes shows really come together in the final week. I know it is a unique experience being able to go a bit “over the top” in my acting behind the mask and know that what comes across the footlights may be a bit different.

I can’t say that I’ve minded the gorgeous weather in Los Angeles. I’ve been able to get out and see the area (I really enjoyed Pasadena) during my free time. After the winter that hit the east coast, any days of sunshine are greatly appreciated. I have also found the people of Southern California to be very friendly and inviting.

This past Wednesday brought the PBS broadcast of “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” from our recently performed run at The Met. This is the same show that was broadcast in HD to the movie theaters. It’s been nice to hear from so many who saw the broadcast. In some areas of the country, the show isn’t being broadcast until tomorrow. It is also being re-broadcast at various times throughout the country. Enjoy (or not).