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It's all Gesamtkunstwerk to me

A new Design...but the same old singer

Welcome to my newly redesigned webpage. It had been over 10 years with the old software and so it was time to freshen up the joint. I'm going to do a better job of updating all my musings concerning my singing career, teaching, directing, and just being general things in life. You never know what might roll off my fingers.

As I write this, I'm on Spring Break at Wichita State University. It doesn't mean there is a lot of downtime but that the schedule just gets interrupted a bit. I'm grateful, though, that the extra time available is allowing me to finish up working on this website as well as get ready for the coming weeks when I'll finish directing a new show here at WSU, lead the music for Holy Week here at the Catholic Cathedral, and hit the road once again. I'm looking forward to being back at The Metropolitan Opera this Spring for a new production of "Die Zauberflöte". And on it goes.

So enjoy some of my old postings (I didn't include everything I've written over the past decade…just some favorites). Check back often to see what else is escaping from my mind and onto the "page". Thanks for coming along on the journey.