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Summer Sizzle

As has been the case in much of the country, it has been unbelievably hot in Wichita this summer. I took some time off (greatly needed rest) this year but have still been out and about when possible with the temperature wildly over 100 degrees so much of the time.

Summer is a time of preparation. I have always wanted to schedule time to recharge the batteries, learn new repertoire, polish old favorites, and, primarily, have much desired time with the family. All of this has happened, happily, this summer and I'm ready to get on with the next season.

The best thing that has happened this summer is having TWO granddaughters born. The first came on our anniversary in May (about 7 weeks early). We zipped down to Fort Worth to see her for the first time and are greatly looking forward to being back with our son, daughter-in-law, and baby Cora when she is baptized later this month.

The second baby (our third granddaughter), Holly, arrived just over 3 weeks ago here in Wichita. What a joy to spend time with her and to already see her growing.

This school year is going to be full of activity. I may be busier than ever. The work at the university and at the cathedral is fulfilling but overwhelming at times. But, I've been blessed with good health and great colleagues. And the singing continues as well. Thank goodness that my voice has held up so well for all these many years. I can't believe I've been singing as a professional for over 37 years. I never dreamed this would happen.

But, on it goes…and I'm excited about every day.